Linux Mint 9

Linux Mint 9


Linux Mint 9, codename “Isadora” has been released yesterday. The distribution based on Ubuntu with much Peppermint taste has just arrived. Linux Mint is a Linux distribution and its mission is to produce elegant, updated and comfortable desktop GNU/Linux. Based on Ubuntu 10.04 includes Gnome 2.30 as Desktop Manager and Thunderbird 3 to manage your email.

As major developments in this version we can highlight the following:

New Software Manager that has been rewritten and now contains about 30,000 packages available to users, 10 times more than the previous version. Also have ordered software by popularity and give the opportunity to users to add comments about the applications that appear on the Software Manager.  New Backup tool which has also been rewritten, allows you to backup data, as well as selection of installed softwares. This option is very useful for installing on multiple computers, this way we make installation on one of them and restore in others.  Menu improvements where we now have more options to set the different entries in the menus, as well as define the level of transparency. We need to enable desktop effects to enjoy it. In addition the initial menu allows adding favorite applications to have better visibility, as well as create shortcut menu as the desktop.  Installation options allow you to install the distribution as if it was a windows program as it was not available in the earlier versions. Similarly, the option is added by default to create a boot disk on a USB stick.

There are more new features, not few but we tend that install Linux Mint to discover them all. And if we have any questions, we have the ability to download a manual with all the details to begin using Linux Mint Isadora.